“soundlounge’s pioneering new technologies will enable everyone involved in the creative and sync licensing process to realise its untapped potential.”

Will Page, Chief Economist, Spotify

Keeping track

Track Record is our performance royalty auditing platform. But it can do so much more.

For Rights Holders, Track Record can monitor the performance income from all music that has been used in commercials. We can do this across all media and across 31 territories, to make sure you know what you have actually generated and what is rightfully yours.

For Advertising Agencies, at the touch of a button we are able check your creative playlist ideas for previous uses, brands and transmission dates. This all ensures that your creative teams do not ‘get wed’ to ideas that have been used before. We also provide you with guidelines on costs and ease/difficulty of licensing.

The Track Record site is currently under construction, but you can visit it from the link below for contact details.