“soundlounge’s thinking on sound of the brand – radical common sense.”

John Bartle, CBE, Founding Partner BBH

“How can music help us create more effective advertising?”

Wanting a sonic logo is a good ambition but knowing how to get there demands a deep understanding of your brand sound DNA. Our step-by-step approach includes cognitive and neuroscientific techniques, to create a 360° sonic strategy that not only shows you what sound to use and where, but how you get there in the first place.

“How do we know we are right about our music decisions?”

Intuition is a vital part of the creative process, but how do you know that your track emotionally connects with your target market? soundlounge provides meaningful data to support your decisions, taking you from ‘I think this music is right’ to ‘I know this music is right’ so you can be confident in your music decision.

“I want to use music with my film, what do I need to do?”

Our kick-ass creative research will not only match your brief, but when you receive a playlist from us you can rest assured that availability checks will have already been completed. We’re also very handy at licensing, and you can always trust us to get the best deal for you. Since 1980, soundlounge has delivered over 5,000 licenses globally saved over £25m for our clients! Not bad, right?

“Why are we spending so much money on music?”

Knowing how, where and with whom you are spending money on music is good practice that enables companies to identify wastages, areas for potential savings and accountability. For many clients, also taking a centralised procurement approach, ensures that all transactions follow an agreed rigorous approach to negotiation and licensing, providing reliable data that can be read in the balance sheet and moves music from a cost to an investment.

“If I can’t afford copyright music, what are my choices?”

You’ve found the track, but for many reasons the master sound recording is not working. From original compositions, re-recordings, remixes to re-arrangements, from philharmonic orchestras to a one-man-band, soundlounge only commissions the best producers and music talent in the commercial music industry who work on budget and on brief.

“How do I move music from a cost to an investment?”

Identifying potential revenue streams from within the music industry is difficult enough, but for brands/agencies it can be a different world entirely. With soundlounge, we open up the conversation to extend your proposition beyond commissioning or licensing music, with new ways to enhance your investment/reveal revenue streams that may be due to you.

soundlounge is here to solve your problems with sound – no matter what they are. From hard-to-license tracks to original composition we can find the right music and prove that it’s right for you or your client, with a robust explanation, backed up by consumer research and neuroscience.

We work in collaboration with our clients, understanding the problems they know and anticipating the ones they don’t. We bring our unparalleled music knowledge to bear on their unique strategic challenges, considering availability, feasibility and effectiveness from the outset, to take the guesswork out of finding the right music for both the campaign and the brand.

We cover all aspects of sound, but break our solutions into six sections – sonic strategy, consumer research & testing, creative research & licensing, auditing & procurement, original composition & production and generating revenue – each of which provides the answer to a key question our clients often ask.