“To have the opportunity to come and be part of what has been a fabulous evening has been great for us.”

Sandy Trappitt, Nordoff Robbins

An Evening with Bob

An Evening with Bob is an event series organised by soundlounge and presented by Bob Harris, discussing music supervision and the use of sound in visual formats. The series began in October 2019, with eight events in total running to July 2020

Music consultancy does not always run as smoothly as it should. There are many roles involved on both the music and advertising sides, but they don’t communicate with one another as much as they should and the way in which music is selected isn’t always clear. If you’ve ever wondered how these decisions – which can really impact the way you work – are made, An Evening with Bob is your opportunity to ask the question.

Bob Harris is on a journey to find out the answers to the same questions. He’s partnered with soundlounge to better understand it. He says: “I wanted to explore the world of music consultancy because I believe that the experience of my fifty years in the music industry will bring constructive thought and creative insight to the intersection of pictures and sound.”

In each event Bob will meet with experts in particular areas of music, advertising, neuroscience and behavioural economics and ask them to share their understanding and insights on the way in which music affects people.