One World: Together at Home – A Cornucopia of Music

John Ingham
April 20, 2020

Congratulations to Lady Gaga and the organisers of the One World: Together at Home concert for raising $127million for coronavirus relief. The WHO’s Covid-19 Solidarity Response Fund will get $55.1m, while $72.8m will go to charities such as food banks and housing providers – brilliant!

The broadcast was a cornucopia of music. As well as raising money for a great cause, it also gave us a rare glimpse inside the homes of some of the world’s biggest musicians (don’t pretend you weren’t looking!)

Art is, after all, about the details

Lady Gaga enjoys a simple piano in a white painted room with tastefully placed brass tchotchkes. The side table must have cost at least $4. Eddie Vedder, on the other hand, has a well-equipped basement home studio with a beautiful looking and sounding vintage organ.

Taylor Swift wasn’t giving anything away, with a pastel backdrop as smooth as her personality. Spoilsport.

Elton John placed his piano in the middle of a basketball court. Elton – the man least likely to wear a pair of Air Jordans – has a basketball court?!

John Legend has a really nice looking glass walled house, with his piano placed in front of two shelves full of Grammys and other awards. Tellingly, the shelves had been custom made just the right length. Art is, after all, about the details. His duettist Sam Smith opted for the landing at the top of the stairs, which looked charmingly normal.

Tom Jones referred to a painting beside him of the small working class home he was born and raised in. It wasn’t the reference to his birthplace so much as the sheer size of the painting. A constant reminder of where he started, Tom doesn’t take lightly the 55 years he has enjoyed being successful.

The Rolling Stones also weren’t afraid to show how they live. Keith relaxed on a velvet sofa with a cliched glass of beer to hand, Ron Wood also at the top of the stairs with a wall of paintings behind him, Mick with two very interesting looking…paintings? photos?…behind him and Charlie, who can measure his vinyl collection by the metre, and whose choice of metal cases to play on showed a less than serious approach. This is the man after all who once described his career with the Stones as five years of playing and 20 years of waiting.

One World: Together at Home

Did I mention mirrors? Lots of mirrors last night. It seems stars like mirrors. I could end with something catty, but we’re all brothers and sisters in the lockdown. All in all, we loved One World: Together at Home, and we hope you did too!

One World