Tell me what you want, what you really want

Kerry Schofield
April 30, 2019

As a recent, new, and may I say shiny, addition to the soundlounge team, I want to find out more about what agencies want from a music supervisor and how to contact you.

I recently I conducted a short survey that we sent out to all of our contacts.  A big thank you to those of you who took the time to answer and congratulations to our three lucky winners, who each received a £50 Amazon voucher.

What did I find out, I eagerly hear you ask? Well, 58% of respondents always use three or more music supervisors at a time, which means that agencies are spread-betting on creative ideas. Totally get that – shows that great creatives want as many ideas as possible for the best outcome.

I also discovered that 73% of respondents wanted to find out about new creative services by recommendation through colleagues. You seriously do not like personal contact. I get that too – we all hate relentless cold calls in the middle of our day. But my question would be, how do new music suppliers (like me) get in front of you to begin with? How do I break the ice with you?

So my spirits lifted when I saw that getting a track at the right price with all the rights cleared is still the main priority. Here at soundlounge we have the reputation as the safest pair of hands in the licensing business, with what is regarded as the gold standard of licensing by the Rights Holders – which is where this counts.

However, the area that I personally found the most exciting was the growing importance of consumer research and insights. As a musician with a Master’s of Science from Goldsmiths in Music Psychology and Neuroscience, I can put science on this and tell you how music impacts the brain and the behaviours that come from this, especially in the attention to an advert, brand engagement and product & brand recall.

At soundlounge we can open many music doors for you that you didn’t even know existed, show you how to make music work harder for you, and deliver a finished package at the right price with all rights cleared. We also aren’t afraid to tell you what’s a hit or a miss, or give you the ‘bad’ news way before expensive media time is bought and wasted. There aren’t many music supervision companies in the business with our knowledge. It’s probably why we have nearly four decades of experience.

For those who would like to get on board with soundlounge (and my musical brain), I will forgive you for not taking part in the survey and even take you out for a coffee sometime. Fancy it?