Multimedia Licensing and Marketing: 6 Months At soundlounge

April 29, 2020

Eager soundlounge blog readers will remember my blog in October last year, which documented my first week at soundlounge. Well, a lot’s happened since then and, after numerous requests (ok, not really), I’m back with Chapter 2: The Story of My First 6 Months at soundlounge.  

Music and Multi-media Licensing

I’ve had a great six months and have settled into my role well. On the licensing side of things, I’ve handled international, multi-media licensing requests, from start to finish, for agencies such as Hogarth, Leo Burnett, and Wunderman Thompson. This has involved interacting with clients and rights holders, negotiating fees, and obtaining the licences. Since October, I’ve licensed music for brands such as Kit Kat, Berocca, Special K and Sheba. I’ve also taken ownership of the creative research and music licensing for Diversity’s online dance tutorial project ‘20DV’.

I’ve cleared 50 tracks for this project and counting, including artists such as Stormzy, Mabel, Sinead Harnett, Masego and a load of up-and-coming UK talent. This has been a great way to cut my teeth at music licensing and ensure I am continuously learning. I’m looking forward to developing this project over the coming months!


On the marketing side of things, I’ve taken over our social media channels and have started to create infographics and marketing videos. I’ve done this using Adobe Premiere Pro, after going on a great introductory course in February. Our social media followers keep rising week-after-week, which is great!

Multi-media Licensing

I’ve also launched the soundlounge Spotify profile, and I’m continually creating new playlists, which we share regularly. We’ve also launched a fantastic new website, which I enjoyed contributing ideas to. It took a massive effort from a lot of different people to get the site live, but we couldn’t be happier with it. It’s all go at soundlounge right now, and we’ve recently launched a new email newsletter too, which I designed myself using Mailchimp. As well as all this, I’ve been writing blogs and recently interviewed Domino’s Head of Sync Lynden Campbell for an upcoming podcast on digital licensing. This is something I’ll be doing more of over the coming months too.

An Evening With Bob

Our ‘An Evening With Bob’ events at Soho’s Century Club have been a massive success since the launch in October. It’s been great to get involved with the marketing and promo for the series, as well as providing liaison and event assistance on the nights. So far, we’ve hosted evenings with advertising strategists, creatives, music supervisors, and neuroscientists. Highlights for me include listening to adam&eveDDB’s Les Binet, and Ogilvy’s Rory Sutherland speak – they’re both fascinating in their own right – as well as getting to know the legend that is Bob Harris!

So, it’s been a hectic and enjoyable six months. I’ve definitely learnt a lot and look forward to taking ownership of more projects over the next few months. See you next time for Chapter 3.