James’s Favourite Albums – My Life In 5 Albums

May 5, 2020

For me, this isolation period, we now find ourselves in has provided an opportunity for listening and reflection. With our ability to create new memories somewhat restricted, I’ve decided to look back on the five albums that have influenced who I am today. So, here it is, my five favourite albums…

favourite albums

1). Green Day – American Idiot (2004)

Green Day’s ‘American Idiot’ catapulted the band into the rock music stratosphere when it was released in 2004. The album contains a robust anti-government sentiment throughout, which has successfully transcended political eras (the title track recently hit the UK charts before Trump visited the UK in 2018). This was one of the first albums I listened to religiously at our home in Norfolk. Because of American Idiot, I now own a physical copy of every Green Day album (from 1991-2009) and have seen the band live in the UK and the US. Sadly, Green Day’s best years are now definitely behind them…

Favourite track: Boulevard of Broken Dreams

2). The Wombats – A Guide To Love, Loss & Desperation (2007)

A slight change to punk rock, The Wombats’ debut album opens with a 3-part acapella harmony entitled ‘Tales of Girls, Boys & Marsupials’. As part of the wave of new indie bands during the mid-late Noughties (The Kooks, Courteeners etc.), The Wombats provided the perfect mix of catchy melodies and fun, sing-along lyrics. I became obsessed, knew the words to every track, and eventually went to see them live five times on one tour (shocking, I know). I even went to see them instead of Metallica at Leeds Festival – a decision I’ll never stop regretting!

Favourite track: Let’s Dance To Joy Division

3). Glass Animals – Zaba

I’m skipping forward a few years to Glass Animals’ debut album ‘Zaba’. Full of psychedelic sounds, the album is characterised by obscure tropical percussion, jungle timbres, animal noises and even the sounds of cooking utensils! Basically, if forests could sing, they’d be singing Zaba on a loop. This album is particularly special to me because over the years my friends became equally as engaged with it, and there’s probably nothing better in life than sharing tunes you love with your friends.

Favourite track: Cocoa Hooves

4). Tame Impala – Currents (2015)

Ashamedly, I didn’t get into Tame Impala until my first year at Uni in 2016. This will be shocking to anyone who knows me now! ‘Currents‘ was my gateway album into Kevin Parker’s one-man project, as it was with many others, I’m sure. The album is the perfect blend of psych-rock and dance-pop synths. Put simply, it sounds incredible, and I’m yet to get bored listening to it. I finally got to see Kev live in Dublin last year – a show I don’t think I’ll ever forget.

Favourite track: Reality In Motion

5). Pink Floyd – Dark Side of The Moon (1973)

I don’t need to write anything in this bit because you already know this album is the greatest album ever.

Favourite track: Time

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy my five favourite albums as much as I do, stay safe!