Harry Shaw: What is Music?

Soundlounge Team
June 23, 2020

I think of music as a thread: going in and out of our days, keeping the wolves from the door, making the sun shine and bringing the rain.

It’s always there in your head or out there on the electric air waves. Everyday phrases can remind you of a song you know. A sound in the street (remember them) can start a track, like the opening chord to A Hard Day’s Night.

Why is it, and how can it be, that the last lyric you hear before you leave for work (more nostalgia) stays with you all day.

Does the brain love music more than the rest of your body put together?

Music welcomes us into the world (“Isn’t She Lovely” sang Stevie Wonder) and it sees us out through multiple choices of celebrations of life chosen often by those dearly departed before they go.


There isn’t a word that hasn’t been sung, there isn’t a tune that hasn’t been hummed.

You may have friends you haven’t heard from for ages but you can always get in touch with a favourite tune.

Sometimes it will get in touch with you and you’ll wonder why is that in your head now? I didn’t invite it. Or did you unknowingly?

Music releases pheromones in all ages (I made that up but I bet it’s true).

Love, hate, anger, pleasure, confusion (ball of), can all be triggered by a few notes, and satisfied by same.

That’s why the right piece of music aligned to the right brand can be like glue, stuck on you.

It can prolong the memory, enhance the feeling, cement the love.

It can recall the past and predict the future, as in the words of my hero – Nobody told me there’ll be days like this (strange days indeed).

Music is already in your tool box, be sure to take it out when the job requires it.

Your audience is waiting.

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