An Introduction to Sound Equity

Ruth Simmons
May 11, 2020

Sound equity – harnessing the power of music

In a series of four blogs over the next few weeks, we’ll be taking a deep dive into sound equity and how brands can harness the immense power of music to increase effectiveness and improve sales. We’ll be looking at how brands can effectively evaluate the many music opportunities and alliances that are presented to them, how these relate to their brand attributes, and how to successfully integrate them into a broader, long-term brand business strategy.

Music tells emotional stories, making it a powerful medium that can bring the emotional qualities of products and services to life and help activate a brand promise. The beat of the music can literally connect with the heartbeat of the consumer. Yet the power of music and how to use it to achieve consistent and greater success is often misunderstood. 

For example, even the terms used in assessing sound are not clearly differentiated. We’ve been thinking about this and have created a sonic branding Jargon Buster to provide some much-needed clarity on these terms. Click here to download it.

Our analysis

In this upcoming series, we will examine four areas — Sonic Identity, Sound Strategy, Sound Differentiation and Sound Equity. This analysis will demonstrate how to build Brand Sound assets that you can put on the balance sheet, and build sound equity for your brand.

Like all good stories, we will start at the beginning, develop the plot, take you through twists and turns, and leave you with a brilliant ending. Stay tuned for part 1…’ What is a Sonic Identity?’

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