“soundlounge’s thinking on sound of the brand – radical common sense”

John Bartle CBE, Founding Partner, BBH

In the know

soundlounge is the most knowledgeable music consultancy in town. With over 4 decades of experience, our team provides brands and agencies deep levels of audio insights into a complex industry with 360-degree sound solutions, in simple terms and with straightforward steps. We cover everything from Sonic strategy, consumer research & testing, licensing & procurement, sound auditing, original composition & production to generating revenue.

But we’re not satisfied with having the most educated, experienced and expert team. We want to share our insights and help move the whole industry forward, leading the conversation about sound and showing brands and agencies why it should be more central to all their creative thinking.

You can see some of our latest work and hear what previous clients, collaborators and colleagues think about soundlounge and our CEO Ruth ‘Godmother of Sync’ Simmons in the videos below.



Leading the industry

soundlounge has been ahead of the competition for decades. We have consistently led the way, with an impressive number of firsts under our belts: